Ticketing Policies

Due to the increasing incidence of passengers failing to use their purchased seats on the allocated date, Spring Airlines is obliged to sell extra seats on some flights. This is a practice common to all airlines internationally and is designed to ensure that all seats are utilized fully, thereby satisfying passenger demand.

In some circumstances this may mean that there are more passengers than seats available on a given flight. If a flight is found to be overbooked, Spring Airlines will seek volunteers at the airport who are willing to refund their tickets or transfer to a later flight. If no volunteers are found, some passengers may be unable to board the flight.

For those passengers with a completed booking who are unable to be given a seat on their scheduled flight, Spring Airlines shall make every effort to satisfy the passenger's requests. This will include any change to a later flight or a transfer to a flight on another carrier. Those transferring to another carrier will be entitled to any difference in price between the two fares or compensation as laid out in Spring Airlines' regulations.

Overbooking Compensation Schedule:

1. Should passengers choose voluntary refund or who after refund change to another Spring Airlines flight, no refund fee shall be incurred and compensation of RMB200 per                    passenger shall be paid.

2. No transfer fee will be incurred by passengers transferring to a later Spring Airlines flight or that of another carrier.

3. If a same-day flight is unable to be booked, then with the passenger's approval Spring Airlines shall arrange same-day transport with another carrier. Any cost incurred shall                    be borne by Spring Airlines.

4. In the case of overbooking on a connecting flight, Spring Airlines will provide cash compensation for the overbooked segment in line with the above regulations. Free                    transfers, refunds, room and board will be provided in accordance with the passenger's revised travel plans.

5. Should there more than a four hour delay between the original and rescheduled flight, Spring Airlines will provide passengers with free, standard accommodation. This will                    include free round-trip ground transportation between the airport and the hotel, and assistance in checking-in to the subsequent flight.