Spring Airlines Overbooking Notice

In order to meet the travel demands of more passengers, Spring Airlines may oversell certain flights that are likely to have spare seats so that more passengers can catch their desired flights.

We will appropriately control the proportion of overbooked flights under full consideration of airline, flight frequency, time, aircraft type, and connecting flights, to minimize the occurrence of passengers being denied boarding due to overbooking.

If the number of passengers taking the flight exceeds the number of seats available due to overbooking, we will first consult the passengers who are willing to take the subsequent flight or cancel their trip according to the volunteer soliciting procedures. Under the circumstance where there are not enough volunteers, Spring Airlines will deny some passengers the right to board the plane in order of check-in time, except for the passengers who meet the priority boarding rules. We can issue you a certificate of trip cancelation due to overbooking.

Volunteer Soliciting Procedures and Priority Boarding Rules

In the case of overbooking, Spring Airlines will, before the departure of the flight, release the overbooking information via telephone, text message, or on-site consultation, solicit passengers who voluntarily cancel their trip, and inform them of the relevant compensation and service standards.

Priority Boarding Rules:

(1). Passengers traveling on urgent state business, including accompanying passengers;

(2). Staff of the Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) carrying human donor organ;

(3). Passengers with special service needs (the elderly, weak, sick, disabled, pregnant passengers, and children unaccompanied by an adult) and their necessary accompanying passengers, and minor passengers flying alone who are over 12 years old but under 18 years old agreed by Spring Airlines and arranged in advance;

(4). Military personnel in active service, police, and fire and rescue personnel with valid identity documents;

(5). Group passengers;

(6). Passengers with a confirmed seat on a connecting flight with a short connection time;

(7). Passengers with proof of an urgent need to travel (e.g. passengers whose visa is about to expire).

Compensation Rules for Overbooking and Change/Refund

1.Spring Airlines will compensate passengers who fail to take the original flight due to overbooking in the following ways:
Cancelation compensation: Passengers who wish to cancel their ticket will receive RMB 200 yuan for compensation, and the cancellation fee will not apply.

Change compensation: A financial compensation will be provided according to the waiting time for the change of the subsequent flight, and the details of the compensation are as follows:

(1) Subsequent flight departure in less than 2 hours: RMB 200 yuan;

(2) Subsequent flight departure in 2 (inclusive) – 4 hours (exclusive): RMB 400 yuan;

(3) Subsequent flight departure in more than 4 hours (inclusive): RMB 600 yuan.

2.Passengers who choose to refund their tickets will be handled as involuntary refunds and will not be charged refund fees; passengers who choose to take Spring Airlines' subsequent flight will be handled as voluntary refunds and will not be charged a change fee.
3. If there is no subsequent Spring Airlines flight, the subsequent flight is too late (more than 3 hours later), or the passengers do not agree to change to the subsequent flight, after getting the passengers’ consent, Spring Airlines may endorse them to another carrier’s flight that departs on the same day and the endorsement fee of economy class shall be borne by Spring Airlines, along with the compensation in accordance with the rules. Any extra fee in excess of that of the economy class shall be borne by the passengers themselves. The original tickets of Spring Airlines will not be refunded to the passengers.

4.In the case of overbooking of connecting flights, cash compensation is available for oversold segments according to the above-mentioned rules. Services such as refund and free change may be arranged for the follow-up segments according to the passengers' itinerary.
5.When a passenger is notified of an over-booking upon arrival at the airport and the passenger chooses to change or rebook and waits for a subsequent flight over 4 hours (inclusive) later than the original flight, the passenger may be provided with free accommodation; if accommodation services are not available locally, an accommodation allowance of up to RMB 200 may be provided.

March 14, 2024