VIP Shuttle

VIP Shuttle Service is the latest Spring innovation designed to help take the stress out of flying. When you disembark the plane, our staff will escort you to the VIP shuttle while our ground crew retrieve your luggage from the hold and bring it directly to you. Spring’s VIP Shuttle then takes you straight to the arrival zone, saving you time by avoiding the airport terminal altogether!

*Spring Japan(IJ) is not provide this service.

So how do I book?
Our VIP Shuttle Service is found on the Seat Select page. Booking must be completed 24 hours prior to departure.

What does it cost?
Only 5 USD... that’s 30 CNY!

Can I change my VIP Shuttle Booking?
Changes or cancellation of VIP Shuttle Service can be made at any time prior to the completion of the payment process.

What if I change my flight?
VIP Shuttle reservations will be automatically updated with any changes to the flight booking.

Does it cost me to change my booking?
There are no change or administration fees for changing a VIP Shuttle reservation.

Can I get a refund?
A refund is possible with cancellation of the ticket, but refunds cannot be processed separately.

What if this is a multi-person booking. Does everyone have to purchase this service?
For multi-person bookings, there is no limit to the number who must purchase this service. We will cater for different passenger requirements within the same order!

Is this service available on all flights?
Currently this service is only available on domestic flights into Shanghai and is not available for passengers booked onto connecting flights. However we are hoping to extend this service to other Spring destinations across China in the near future.