To give our passengers peace of mind, Spring Airlines has now teamed up with the world's leading insurance providers, Huatai Insurance, ACE and Zhongan to offer you with the most comprehensive and affordable electronic accident insurance coverage: from accidents and lost luggage to flight cancellation and delay… We`ve got you covered!
Insurance Plans

Standard Accident Insurance

Full accident coverage for domestic travel for just CNY 20. Cover yourself against accidental death, injury and medical expenses up to CNY 800,000. Offered by China's most comprehensive and reputable insurance provider, Huatai.

Overseas Travel Insurance

Give yourself complete peace of mind on your next overseas trip with this full travel insurance package, including coverage for flight delays and cancellations, lost luggage, accidental death, disablement, hospital treatment, medical evacuation, document replacement and much more. Provided by Huatai in conjunction with ACE, the world's top insurance provider. CNY 1,000,000 coverage for just CNY 100 return.

Flight Delay & Cancellation Insurance

For just CNY 20, you can protect yourself against the unexpected with this new flight delay and cancellation insurance. A joint venture between Spring Airlines and Zhongan Insurance, this product offers CNY 300 for passengers whose flight is either cancelled or delayed over three hours. Best value, best coverage!

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User Guide

1. Log in to check details of your Huatai Electronic Accident Insurance/ Overseas Travel Insurance/ ACE Air Travel Insurance/ Flight Delay & Cancellation Insurance policy purchased through Spring Airlines' website.

2. If you are unable to check your policy information, this means that either the information you provided is incorrect or that you have not successfully purchased the insurance.

3. Flight delay and cancellation insurance can be verified by going to Manage My Bookings at the Spring Airlines official website or at the Zhongan Official Website

4. Insurance via the Spring Airlines website is underwritten by the following providers:

Air Travel Insurance (Hong Kong departures): ACE Insurance Limited

Accident Insurance & Overseas Travel Insurance (domestic departures): Huatai Insurance Co. Ltd

Flight Delay & Cancellation Insurance: Zhongan Online Property and Casualty Insurance Co. Ltd

5.Your Huatai Electronic Accident Insurance costs will be billed to a Travel Insurance Tax Receipt. You may obtain an official invoice (fapiao) from the Spring Airlines counter at Pudong International Airport, or you may request an invoice be mailed to you for free by calling our Customer Service Hotline.

6. Customer Hotline:

Spring Airlines Customer Service Hotline: (+86 21) 95524 (press 2 for English)

Huatai Insurance Verification Hotline: (+86 21) 400 605 509 (press 9 for English)

ACE Insurance Limited: (+852) 319 166 11

Zhongan Service Hotline: (+86) 400-999-9595

Insurance Terms & Conditions